National Parks and Tiger Reserves of India

National Parks and Tiger Reserves of India

Famous National Parks and Tiger Reserves of India

National parks are areas that are designed for the protection and conservation of nature as well as exceptional flora and fauna species.

National Parks of India

There was a time when animals lived as independently as humans do today. They lived, grazed and preyed in open spaces that were free from human intervention. As times have changed, overpopulation and infrastructural developments have shaped a world where wildlife needs a home and protection. Wild animals are always on the move. They travel to different places in search of food and shelter. In order to preserve animals, plants, birds and their shelters, the government of India has set up national parks in different parts of the country for the purpose of nature and wildlife conservation.

The Hailey National Park in Uttarakhand, now referred to as Jim Corbett National Park, was the first national park that was established in India in 1936. At present, India is home to around 105 national parks that cover almost 1.23% of the country’s total surface area. The Royal Bengal tigers are the most protected species among all other animal population.These safe spaces help the wildlife to breed and survive in the face of rising extinction of various animal and plant species.

Impact on Wildlife Conservation of National Parks & Tiger Reserves

Role of National Parks & Tiger Reserves of India in Wildlife Conversation

India is famous for its rich biodiversity and diverse geography. It is home to many precious and endangered species of flora and fauna. By aiming to conserve and protect these species, the government wants to ensure that the ecological balance is maintained and the future generations get a chance to witness nature’s wondrous marvels. The national parks in India provide a safe haven for protecting, propagating and developing wildlife and its surrounding environment. The mission of preservation of wildlife in India was initiated with the help of various programmes, acts and projects.

The Indian Wildlife Protection Act was enacted in 1972 to protect the diverse wildlife of the country from illegal activities such as poaching, smuggling etc. It was followed in 1973 by a tiger conservation programme known as Project Tiger. It was a one of a kind project initiative that aimed at maintaining a viable tiger population in the country and protecting them from poaching and illegal trade activities. These are some among the many projects and initiatives that have helped create a better place for flora and fauna to thrive.

Sustainablity through Tourism in National Parks & Tiger Reserves

Role of Indian National Park in promoting Sustainable Tourism

National parks in India attract a wide audience from all over the world to showcase their majestic floral and faunal species as well as natural scenic beauty. Wildlife tourism has emerged as a growing sector in the Indian economy. The country has long been a favoured destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. One can find a myriad of flora and fauna species in some of the most famous national parks such as Jim Corbett, Kaziranga, Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Nagarhole, Pench and many more. India is a treasure chest that harbours rich and diverse wildlife and natural ecosystems. The country possesses a number of national parks and other protected areas that not only preserve the rich biodiversity but also act as catalysts for the development of Indian tourism and economy.

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