Tips for Wildlife Viewing and Watching in India

Tips for Wildlife Viewing and Watching in India

A brief and to-the-point instructional guide on how to experience the best Wildlife Viewing during a safari in India

Tips for wildlife viewing from our Indian Safari Experts

Visiting India and experiencing wildlife is the main motto, we have drafted this instructional guide on Tips for wildlife viewing to make wildlife viewing- an experience.

  • It’s not about getting close to the animals and neither is it about having your safari vehicle at the first spot.
  • It is about getting to understand and embed in our memories the sight of the Tiger emerging from the bushes to cross the track and stopping once to make you skip that heartbeat as it turns its head to glimpse at you.
  • One thing that tourists can take from these sightings of the Royal Bengal tiger in Indian National park is an experience to share with generations and yes desire to see it once more.

When Should You Go For wildlife Viewing?

Indian wildlife viewing season starts in October and ends in June. Though different travellers may find temperature suitable in different months.

Start – 15th October and End – 15th June

Different temperature table through out the season:

India Travel Information - Weather and Climate - Tiger Safari Tours India

Tips for Indian Wildlife Viewing

It is necessary to follow instructions from the naturalist and the forest guide assigned along with these tips. They make many trip into the jungle and take many tourists for wildlife viewing. Forest is part of their home and the wildlife of Bandhavgarh their family.

Proven Wildlife Watching Tips & Tricks for Beginners

  • The Forest department has tried its best to create safari timings as per the animal activity time period. The morning safari starts at sunrise till 10 am then tourists and animals break for lunch. Similarly, the afternoon safari started at 3 pm till sunset as that’s a return activity time period.
  • Forest Department sends a trained guide during jeep safari, its advisable to avail additional services of an English speaking naturalist through the wildlife lodge or your travel consultant.
  • Clothing should be as per the time period of the year and comfortable.
  • Clothing color should be earthen as bright colors may disturb animals.
  • Paying attention to the movement of the animals helps you understand and ask questions to the naturalist.

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