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Rated as the best wildlife tour operator in India for tiger safari centric packages. Tiger Safari Tours India provides tailormade travel services in India.

Indian Wildlife Tour Packages

It also takes a specialised wildlife tour operator in India to help with the right guidance. along with, alot of patience and perseverance to spot a tiger in its natural habitat.  When deep inside Indian forests of national parks, these royal cats are a sight to behold. Subsequently, they speed your heartbeat up and fill your mind with awe. 

Undoubtedly, Our immaculately planned wildlife safari tours give guests a life-altering tiger safari experience. Also, our tiger safari tour itineraries are designed to transport you to a land that is completely different from the daily fast-paced life of cities. Moreover, we as wildlife tour operators understand the local dynamics of India due to our 12 years of working at ground level.

We are a Wildlife Safari Company providing experience and sustainability-oriented tours in Indian National Parks and Tiger Reserves.

What are the things to remember for planning an India wildlife tour?

When planning a wildlife tour to India following points need to be remebered:

  1. Time of year,
  2. Target wildlife species for travel,
  3. Destinations,
  4. Connectivity,
  5. Number of people / size of group,
  6. Mix of cultural destinations,
  7. Further connections,
  8. Weather & Climate,
  9. Proper clothing and gear required.

Embark with Local Safari Experts into Wild India

12 years of Operating India Wildlife Tours

With extensive experience in the field of wildlife tourism operations, our seasoned team specializes in organizing tiger safaris in various national parks in India.

Our understanding of wildlife and the forest goes beyond textbooks. Furthermore, we respect and regard the jungle and its subjects. At the same time, also strive to educate travellers on the rich biodiversity and local culture of the Indian regions.

Popular Destinations

Must Visit 6 National Parks for Wildlife Tour in India







Best Wildlife Tour Operator in India

Birding, Tiger Safari & Wildlife Photography Tours

As a matter of fact, wildlife tours in India are not only a type of travel interest. By all means, it takes you closer to the nature and wild side of India. One can also hear the alarm calls of animals. Generally, these are a sign of warning. At the same time, the chirping of birds that fills the air with a weird sense of peace.

A wildlife safari is the best possible way to experience the thrill and excitement. As if living in the same wild world as them. Our tour packages promise to take you into the magical world of these elusive big cats, mammals and birds of India.


Why we are the most recommended Indian Wildlife Tour Operator

Why choose us to a your Wildlife Tour Opertor in India

We are the perfect match for Wildlife Holiday needs in India

From the sweet chirping of birds on a sunny and bright morning, the thrill of identifying animal pug marks to listening to alarm calls of sambars and basking in the glory of nature, we make sure that your wildlife tiger safari tour is no less adventurous than the life of Mowgli in The Jungle Book.

Passion and Experience

Our passion and experience to host wildlife safaris in India is an endeavour that has spanned for over three decades. We specialize in providing remarkable wildlife tours and safaris in various national parks of India.

Wildlife Safari Experts

We have organized plenty of jungle safaris in our myriad years of experience but still, each time into the forest is like a new and unique journey into the heart of nature and its subjects.

Professional and Dedicated

Our professional and dedicated team of qualified guides, jeep drivers, tour managers and naturalists work passionately to ensure that guests have a memorable time while on the safari tour.

Experiential Tour Operator

Our skilled team is entrusted with the mission of turning these tours into meaningful excursions that can also spread awareness about the rich biodiversity of the flora and fauna in the national parks of India.

Best On-Ground Local Team

Our professional and dedicated team of qualified guides, jeep drivers, tour managers and naturalists work passionately to ensure that guests have a memorable time while on the safari tour.

More than just Wildlife Safari Tour

We incorporate our enthusiasm, knowledge, experience and love for the forest to design engaging and unparalleled tiger safaris that are sure to enamour your senses and satiate your soul.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Principles that make us stand apart as a Wildlife Safari Company in India

Our vision is to plan a model that is effective and sustainable at the same time. We believe that this strategy will prove to be impactful in fulfilling the core issues mentioned below:

  1. Focus on increasing awareness in the general public on the importance of wildlife and tiger conservation
  2. Facilitating the process of revenue generation for local communities through a viable tourism model
  3. Imparting education to children residing near national parks as a means of empowering their futures
  4. Devising ways to deal with the waste generated around national parks

It is our firm belief that with desire, determination, persistence and education, you can make a difference in the world. Thus, we always try to use our commitment and enthusiasm to inspire others so that together we can change the world, one step at a time. We strive to deliver our absolute best in everything we do. Our missions include:

  1. Bringing people’s attention to the issue of tiger conservation and spreading awareness about the importance of wildlife in an ecosystem
  2. In order to achieve our vision, we aim to conduct responsible inbound tourism in various national parks of India. This will result in minimum water and carbon footprint in the region and will ultimately benefit the local community.

Our services and hospitality stem from our deep respect for people and their communities present inside or outside of our company. Hence, we serve them with the best of our abilities. We function as a family and work on the cornerstones of:

  1. Honesty
  2. Transparency
  3. Efficiency
  4. Service, and
  5. Love


What we stand for as a Wildlife Tour Operator - Sustainablity through Tourism

For us, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important aspect that is closely linked with the values of kindness and compassion. If we hope to save our forests and its inhabitants, then we must ensure a safe and stable future for wildlife as well as the local communities that feed from it.

  1. We focus on empowering the native communities by garnering active participation from locals as staff for our jungle safaris. In this process, they get to learn a variety of things about the jungle and its surroundings. It also helps them to maintain a constant flow of income which in turn ensures lesser dependency on forest resources.
  2. Our various welfare programs are aimed towards imparting education to the local communities as well as working for the preservation of various ethnic animal and plant species.
“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”
Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi
Father of the Nation - India


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Safaris India – Bird, Tiger Safari and Photography Tours is the best Indian Wildlife tour operator in India.

The best tour operator for 2021-22 is Tiger Safari Tours India. It is a unit of Safaris India.

The best national parks for wildlife safari in India are kaziranga, bandhavgarh, kanha, ranthambore, tadoba and pench.

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