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We are a team of India safari holiday experts providing wildlife tour packages.

As a Safari Company, we provide and curate bespoke wildlife tour packages to India. Our wildlife safari programs provide holidays in India offering tiger safari, birding and photography experience in all national parks. All this without missing out popular cultural destinations.

  • During our India tour packages, we cover popular national parks like Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh, Kanha tiger reserve, Pench, Kaziranga and Satpura.
  • Our holiday packages also offer cultural destinations are Agra (Taj Mahal), Jaipur (the Pink City), and the State of Rajasthan, Old lanes of Delhi.

As wildlife safari experts in India, we promise and deliver to provide tourists adrenaline rush of a tiger sighting, peace of mind from planning, and health safety.

We adhere strictly to the government of India’s set guidelines to welcome guests to India in accordance with the ministry of tourism and ministry of health.

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Indian Wildlife Tour Packages

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Top 7 Wildlife Tour Destinations

Best Places to include in Indian Wildlife Safari Tour

7 Best National Parks to Experience Tiger Safari in India

India offers the best and majestic wildlife safari tour options to visit and experience tiger safari. National Parks and reserves form the hub for wildlife safari tours to India. Not only do these national parks offer organized safari tours. They form an important part of ecosystem that co exhibits and showcases Indian wildlife.

Our wildlife tours are designed to provide very good chances of spotting the big cat – tiger, other mammals, flora, and a cultural immersion too. Also, tigers are very elusive and selective animals who walk on selective paths and you need to be very lucky to spot one.

This is exactly where, We as a wildlife safari company in India come in as your partner for tiger safari holiday packages. Our team comes with experience in the tourism sector for 20 years now and has the ground working knowledge to provide a fruitful wildlife safari tour.


In the princely state of Rajasthan, Ranthambore National Park is the most visited national park in India for tiger safari. Home to iconic tigers and a clan of tiger families, Ranthambore has been an attraction for wildlife enthusiasts, tiger-centric photographers, and tourists on Indian wildlife holidays. Safari zones in Ranthambore are divided into numbers i.e. 1 to 10. Tiger sightings have been good in all zones though our safari experts keep a track of last year’s sightings along with actual ground reports before booking our guest safari permits.

Along with tigers, the Ranthambore safari also offers chances of sighting leopards, sloth bears, crocodiles at Pali Ghat Crocodile safari park to name a few.

Best time to visit

Safari permits open up days in advance and some are tatkal permits. October to June is the open time period though availability of permits and tiger sightings vary as per month and waether. November to May is a very good time to visit for a wildlife tour to India.

How to reach

  • Nearest Railway Station- Sawai Madhopur (21 km)
  • Nearest Airport- Jaipur (180 km)
  • Nearest City by road- Jaipur (157km), Delhi (417km), Ahmedabad (657km) Ajmer (274km) and Jodhpur (450km)

Weather & Climate











Min. Temp (°C)










Max. Temp (°C)










Where to stay

On request.

Jim Corbett

One of the most known Indian National Park and famously named after Jim Corbett – a British hunter turned wildlife conservationist. Jim Corbett National Park is Asia’s very first national park and spreads over 521 sq km. Big cats that roam the jungles of Jim Corbett are Tigers and some other family members. Tiger Safari in India has Jim Corbett National park at a very special place, though somehow this experience has been reduced due to connectivity and reduced sightings. Understanding and providing correct guidance about the national park and the safari zones are the duty of your wildlife tour operator. Safari in Jim Corbett National Park is a beautiful part of tiger safari in India experiences provided by us.

Among the tigers that roam in Jim Corbett, tourists may also see elephants, leopards, Asiatic Black Bear, Sloth Bear, Walking Deer, Hog Deer, Sambar, Yellow-throated Marten, Otters and Ghariyal along with aqua fauna such as Golden Oriole, Pallas Fish Eagle, Indian Pitta, Tawny Fish Owl, Scarlet Minivet and species of birds like the Great Pied or hornbill, Orange Breasted Green Pigeon, Hodgson’s Bushchat, White-Backed Vulture, and reptile-like Ghariyal or Aligator, Mugger or Crocodiles and the King Cobra.

Best time to visit

Safaris are possible from October to June though best time to spot at tiger is mid-november to May.

How to reach

    • By Air- Nearest airport is Pantnagar (123km) and IGI Airport Delhi (247 km)
    • By Road- The nearest city is New Delhi (260 km), Lucknow (435 km), Kathgodam (55 km).
    • By Railway- Nearest railway stations are New Delhi (260 km), Ramnagar (12 km), Kathgodam (55 km)

Weather & Climate

Min. Temp (°C)2589192220155
Max. Temp (°C)212530354446353027

Where to stay

On request.


The famous Tigerland – Bandhavgarh National Park is not only famous for the wildlife and tiger sightings. ‘Bandhav’ means brother and Garh means fort; Lord Rama thanked his brother Laxman for his love, support and dedication by gifting him Bandhavgarh. The fort still remains and can be visited. Counted as the best places for a tiger safari in India, Bandhavgarh spread over an area of 1526 sq. km. The total tourism open area from the jungle is 105 sq. km. The Safari zones in Bandhavgarh are Tala, Khitauli and Magadhi, and all record good sightings.

It is said that you are unlucky if you see tiger on Bandhavgarh Safari only once. Also, there is a logically reasoning for it and that is the proportion of the tiger population in the tourist area to the total area of the toruist area of the national park.

Best time to visit

Mid October to June end is the best time to time though sightings are best from March to May.

How to reach

    • By Air- Nearest airport is Jabalpur which is 250 km and takes 4 hours of travelling time.
    • By Rail- Nearest railway stations are Umaria (45 km), Khajuraho (230 km), Katni (90 km) and Jabalpur (250 km).
    • By Road- Nearest cities are Umaria (45Km) and Jabalpur (250 km) and can be connected from National Park (250 km).

Weather & Climate

Min. Temp (°C)11022303535333028322218
Max. Temp (°C)152535404645403836383225

Where to stay

On request.


In the heart of central India, Kanha National Park is a pride for the Madhya Pradesh forest department. For the numerous tiger families that live and thrive each day and the rehabilitation of the Swamp Deer – Barahsingha. Swamp deers were almost extinct but continuous efforts for the Kanha Forest department has saved them. Covering an area of 940 sq. km, this tiger reserve is home to the royal bengal tiger, leopards, barasingha, dhole and sloth bears.

Best time to visit

Mid October to Mid June is the best time for tiger safari in Kanha National Park. Safari permits open up 180 days in advance therefore wildlife holiday in india should be planned well in advance.

How to reach

    • By Air- Jabalpur Airport (165 km) and Raipur (160 km)
    • By Road- Jabalpur (165 km), Bandhavgarh (250 km) and Raipur (160 km)
    • By Rail- Jabalpur (165 km), Gondia (145 km) and Raipur (160 km)

Weather & Climate

Min. Temp (°C)11022303535333028322218
Max. Temp (°C)152535404645403836383225

Where to stay

On request.


Tadoba Andheri National Park has gained the interest of wildlife enthusiasts in recent times with the increased tiger sightings. The landscape for Tadoba has a number of lakes some natural and some manmade. These lakes form a source of water for wildlife and a centre for tiger sightings. Among tiger, tadoba is home to other predators like hyenas, leopards and prey to these predators.

Best time to visit

October to June, tiger sightings increase in summers as the big cats move more for water.

How to reach

    • By Air- Nagpur Airport (120 km).
    • By Road- Nagpur (120 km), Pune (788 km), Jabalpur (416 km), Chimur (32 km).
    • By Rail- Nagpur (120 km), Jabalpur (416 km)

Weather & Climate

Min. Temp (°C)151621242928242322211815
Max. Temp (°C)283125394440312829313128


Where to stay

On request.


Some parts of Pench National Park are in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, the tiger reserve spreads over an area of 464 sq. km. The forest vegetation is mostly dry deciduous. Major attraction are dhole, barking deer, nilgai, wild boars, leopards along with the apex predator- tigers. Best way to see wildlife in Pench is by jeep safari in a 4×4 gypsy.

Best time to visit

Mid October to June is the best time to visit, summers witness an increased tiger sightings due to water requirement of fauna.

How to reach

    • By Air- Nagpur Airport (120 km).
    • By Road- Nagpur (120 km), Jabalpur (370 km).
    • By Rail- Nagpur (160 km), Jabalpur (370 km).

Weather & Climate

Min. Temp (°C)1822303535333028322219
Max. Temp (°C)152535404645403836383225


Where to stay

On request.


Almost every willing you can imagine can be spotted at the Satpura National Park. The rugged terrain along with the dense jungle makes it the perfect habitat for the wild animals to flourish and makes for a challenging safari through the park for the adventure lover in you!

Some of the animals you can spot here are the Spotted Dear, Leopards, Sloth Bear, Black Buck, Sambar, Four Horned Antelopes, Porcupine, Smooth Otter so make sure your camera has plenty of space to capture it all.

Best time to visit

After monsoons that are from july to september, October to April is the best time to visit.

How to reach

    • By Air: Bhopal (140 Kms)
    • By Road- Hoshangabad (70 Kms), Sohagpur (20 Kms), Itarsi (70 Kms), Bhopal (140 Kms)
    • By Railway- HosHoshangabad (70 Kms), Sohagpur (20 Kms), Itarsi (70 Kms), Bhopal (140 Kms)

Weather & Climate

Min. Temp (°C)1822303535333028322219
Max. Temp (°C)152535404645403836383225


Where to stay

On request.

Who We Are

Tiger Safari Tours India - Providing Wildlife Tour Packages

An experiential destination consultant providing Tiger Safari, Birding and Photography Tours in India and Sub-continent
We bring together a team of passionate wildlife enthusiasts from India with a concentration on local skill development. Hospitality professionals that are avid travelers combine over 100 local travel experts from different parts of the country to provide an unparallel experience.

Providing a combination of exploring the rustic Indian jungles

Staying at accommodations that bring you close to local aesthetics

A surreal cocoon that captures your senses

surroundings that are preserved through sustainable tourism.

India Wildlife Safari

What you experience on an India Wildlife Safari

  • A Wildlife safari tour in India for tigers will leave you awestruck for life
  • Indian wildlife with its adventurous and diverse biodiversity will amaze you.
  • India safari tour offers a chance to see tigers, leopards, sloth bears, one-horned rhinoceros, birds like grey heron, and the Indian national bird the peacock.
  • India tiger safari also takes you to places nearby national parks to experience nature trails in the jungle.
  • Cultural immersions with the locals who have lived and worshipped the tiger as their protector god.
  • Stay at comfortable wildlife lodges ranging from luxury to premium.
  • Interaction session with experience naturalists during safari and travel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

India offers a wide range of safari options due to diversity and number of national parks. Types of safaris are 4×4 Jeep Safari, Elephant safari, Walking Safari and Rickshaw Safari. Wildlife safari in Ranthabore, Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Tadoba, Kaziranga, Jawai Bera, Satpura and Pench is very popular.

There are 106 National Parks in India with options of experiencing wildlife.

Wildlife safari in India is worth doing as you get to experience diversity. From Royal Bengal Tigers, Indian Elephants, One Horned Rhinos, Leopards, Wild Dogs (Dhole) to amazing birding of resident and migratory birds.

The top jungles for wildlife safari in India are 1. Ranthambore, 2. Bandhavgarh, 3. Kanha, 4. Satpura, 5. Pench, 6. Tadoba, 7. Kaziranga.

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