Butterflies of Bandhavgarh

Butterflies of Bandhavgarh

Magnificent Butterflies of Bandhavgarh

Butterflies of Bandhavgarh

Central India offers flora and topography that assists Butterflies of Bandhavgarh. The dry deciduous vegetation along with large meadows, shrubs, adequate rainfall and moist loam soil is ideal for the plants’ growth that helps butterflies. Does question remain what are butterflies? The answer is Certain insects that belong to an order or group called Lepidoptera grow into adults with wings, these winged wonders are called butterflies. Moreover, their wings are covered with tiny scales, these scales are unique to each species. Consequently also the reason for the colour and names that Butterflies of Bandhavgarh have got.

Butterflies…. Flowers that fly and all but sing.

Robert Frost, A famous American poet

How to spot butterflies in Bandhavgarh?

Sometimes, while driving in your safari jeep to the gate of the national park. Sometimes when driving back to the safari lodge or inside the tiger reserve. We tend to miss out on these beautiful flies. Nature walks around the lodge are the best time to be amazed by these colourful creatures. Nearby flowers or in the organic garden, it is easy to spot butterflies.

Furthermore, some of the resorts in Bandhavgarh have started to plant flower beds to encourage butterfly gardens. Nevertheless, a naturalist who has been familiar with the butterflies can be an asset during the guided nature walks. Birding is also a good practise during walks.

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