History of Bandhavgarh - Legends of Bandhavgarh

History of Bandhavgarh

History of Bandhavgarh - Legends of Bandhavgarh

Legends of Bandhavgarh National Park - History of Bandhavgarh

History of Bandhavgarh - What remains of Bandhavgarh Fort

The history of Bandhavgarh finds its significance since times in memorial. Bandhavgarh was named after the fort that was gifted by Lord Ram from the Mythological tale of Ramayana to his brother Lakshmana for his devotion and care. Bandhavgarh Fort served as a gift and important fortress to any moment in central Indian highlands, consequently, it was named by the portmanteau of Bandhav meaning brother and Garh meaning fort and called Bandhavgarh. One can see many manmade caves with paintings and inscriptions on rocks.

Ancient Historical Significance of Bandhavgarh

Past Rulers and Hunting Grounds

Bharihas, Vakatak, Sengars, the Kalchuris and the Baghels are some ruler dynasties that Bandhavgarh has seen. The kings used Bandhavgarh as trophy hunting grounds. Sometimes the rulers had to take action due to human and tiger conflicts.

History, Present and Future…

The Maharajas of Rewa had entire Bandhavgarh as private property. In 1968, the royals donated the property to the government of India and accordingly, Bandhavgarh has declared a national park in 1993 under Project Tiger. Bandhavgarh National Park and Panpatha Sanctuary were declared Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. This also involved moving of villages from the forest areas under tiger reserve and relocating them. These forests are home to the species that leave people visiting Bandjavgarh on a tiger safari tour of India spellbound. Tigers, leopards and moreover the birding tours are also a success due to the variety of resident and migratory birds. Consequently, photographers from around the world visit Bandhavgarh for long-stay conversely photographing and relaxing in the naturally rejuvenating environment.

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