Sarus Crane at keoladeo National Park

Keoladeo National Park

Keoladeo Ghana National Park – Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary


Keoladeo National Park is situated in the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, India, and was earlier known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. The park is renowned for its bird breeding, feeding grounds and is considered to be Asia’s finest birding area. It is the finest and suitable place for bird lovers and photographers who love to capture wildlife or nature in its true essence. The magnificent sights of the architecture and wildlife are a piece of fascination for the bird lovers worldwide.

Sarus Crane at keoladeo National Park


Keoladeo National Park encompasses an area of 28.73 km² and is also a World Heritage Site. It is a human-made and managed wetland of India. Being a former bird sanctuary and a haven for numerous exotic birdlife, it is a significant tourist destination specifically for bird watchers. The park is also a shelter for many migratory, indigenous, and rare birds species like Siberian Crane, Sarus Crane, Painted Francolin, Herons, Marshall’s Iora, Indian Shag, Oriental Ibis are seen here. It resides a lot of intriguingly beautiful plant and animal species. The most suitable way to behold the majestic view of nature is by staying in the resorts in Keoladeo National Park. The stay in the resorts in Keoladeo will expand your experience and adventure immensely.

  • Size – 28.73 km²
  • Forest Type – Tropical dry deciduous forests intermixed with dry grasslands

Star Species

The Keoladeo is named after the Shiva (Keoladeo) Temple situated within the national park boundaries. Earlier, it was a shooting ground for the Maharajas of Bharatpur and a game reserve for Maharajas of Bharatpur. In 1982, it was established as a national park and is still an amazing bird watching site. If you are a birdlife or wildlife enthusiast, it is a pleasant place to visit with a magical view, scenic beauty, and nature’s bounty.

  • Key Mammals – Nilgai, Hog Deer, Chital Deer, Cattle, Indian Grey Mongoose, Smooth-Coated Otter, Golden Jackals, Rhesus Macaque, Small Indian Civet, Bengal Fox, Black Buck
  • Key Birds – Sarus Crane, White-Tailed Iora, Oriental Ibis, Asian Open-Billed Stork, Knob-Billed Duck, Gadwall, Babblers, Painted Francolins, Imperial Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Warblers, Green Sandpiper, Indian Shag, Indian Grey Hornbill

How to reach

  • By train – Bharatpur railhead is the nearest railway station at a distance of 5km to reach Keoladeo National Park. Bharatpur has good rail connectivity and connects to major cities in India. Upon arrival at the station, you can hire a regular private taxi or use available buses to reach the park.
  • By Air – Keoladeo National Park is about 54 kms from the nearest airport situated in Agra and 184 kms from Delhi. Daily flights are available. And, from the airport, you can hire a cab or use any public transport to reach your destination.
  • By road – Bharatpur is well-connected to major cities via road. The road distance from Delhi to Bharatpur is 184 kms, and from Jaipur to Bharatpur is 176 kms. Regular bus services are also available to reach the park.  Hence, smooth and easy accessibility to travel by road.


At Keoladeo National Park, wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy the birding by cycle, rickshaw safari. Cycle and rickshaw are noiseless and help a seamless bird watching trip.


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